Welcome to Selmore United

To implement a Guiding Idea, cooperation is crucial (and hey, coincidentally our new office is located at the Coöperatiehof). Guiding Ideas unify, they make collaboration easier. Between our clients and us, and between everybody involved in running the brand and the business: market research companies, production houses, media agencies, etc.

At the Coöperatiehof, we organize ourselves around the Guiding Idea. With all relevant expertise around our Selmore United table. With other agencies or individuals who are the best in relevant fields of expertise. Because, if we can’t do it, we probably know someone else who can do it best.

Want to join Selmore United?

Is there something you can do better than anyone else? Do you think your expertise or your business adds value to our network? Come and join Selmore United. Call or mail our United Officer: Anja Froeling (+31 681325945) and let's discuss over a cup of coffee.


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