ASN Bank
Zo maakt geld gelukkig

The Challenge

ASN Bank was founded in 1960 and is by far the oldest sustainable bank in the Netherlands. To increase its impact on the level of sustainability in our society, the bank now aims to grow from 630,000 to 1,000,000 clients by 2025. Quite ambitious, considering the various newcomers recently beginning to claim sustainability with big advertising budgets. After launching our Guiding Idea for ASN Bank ‘That’s how money can create happiness’ (Zo maakt geld gelukkig), it was time for the next phase in this campaign: make people aware of their habitual behaviour, and how it can stand in the way of sustainable progress. By breaking with these habits, money can create happiness.


We need to appeal to a new type of prospect. Not only to the ‘hardcore’ environmentalist, who probably already has an ASN Bank account. But also to a younger, less engaged audience. We need to make clear how, with little effort, your money can already make a big difference in the world. Our Guiding Idea is: Zo maakt geld gelukkig (This is how money creates happiness). By turning on its head the idea that money is the root of all evil, by offering optimistic solutions for big issues, we want to win the hearts of a new and broader audience.

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Head of account & operations
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