The Challenge

ŠKODA originally started as a bicycle manufacturer and therefor has a great love for cycling. That’s why ŠKODA has been an active sponsor of the Tour de France for years. But in order to become meaningful for cyclists ŠKODA wanted something new. We suggested to not just build another content platform but find a way to become really useful for the so called ’Saturday’ amateur cyclist.


We developed an online tool called RouteTour based on the insight that many cyclists tend to bike the same familiar route over and over again. With RouteTour you can simply log in with your Strava account and receive three new cycling routes based on your own performances and weather conditions. The tool is developed by Selmore together with DigitasLBI Amsterdam. Professional cyclist Robert Gesink endorsed the tool and explains the audience how it works.


With RouteTour we were able to integrate cycling in our Saturday platform which we successfully launched in 2016. Since the introduction of RouteTour in april 2017 various news platforms and cycling media have covered RouteTour. The first reactions are very positive. As RouteTour is an online tool it is never finished. We collect user experiences to continuously improve the tool.

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