The Challenge

The crisis has hit the automotive industry hard. In 2014 it was all about just one thing: car tax liability. Because in times of crisis, people tighten their (seat)belts. Every car manufacturer has models in the 14% tax liability category and the ŠKODA Octavia Combi is no exception. Except when you consider how much car you get for your money. But how do you get that across in an editorial environment dominated by international lifestyle adaptations with massive GRP pressure? 


We asked owners of other 14% liability cars to join our simple experiment: try to fit three big foam rubber signs (14%) in your car, and win € 1.400. At the same time a ŠKODA driver takes on the same challenge. Since the ŠKODA Octavia Combi is the biggest car in its segment, he is the only one who succeeds. The experiment, filmed using hidden cameras, was conducted at various locations across the Netherlands without the help of actors. Except for the ŠKODA driver.


The reactions were impressive. The results even more so: ŠKODA became market leader with 19.8% of the A segment. Which is equivalent to 10.4% market share of the category. A tripling of its share of the total car market. Simply clever.

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