Guiding Idea - Hou een plekje vrij voor elkaar

The Challenge

For years, Mona's advertising was all about Sjors and Jacques. Although these two animated characters were very successful, Mona was ready for the next step. Instead of being a brand that just sells deserts, they wanted to become a brand with a real purpose. We decided to say goodbye to Sjors and Jacques, and to develop a new Guiding Idea.


Deserts are all about sharing. It's one of Mona's core values. People tend to share a lot nowadays, as a result of social media. Which is fun, of course, but nothing beats sitting down together in person. In this campaign, we encourage people to make room for others and come together more often. Room for your family, your neighbour or your best friends. And no matter how many people you invite to the table, there's always room for a great desert. 

Mona. Makes you happy.

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