Guiding Idea - Laat je lot niet liggen.

The Challenge

Make Lotto a major player and well-known again! A very broad request that called for a totally new strategy. A revamped game, a revamped brand and new communications. With the goal of getting people to love Lotto once again. And thus, enabling Lotto to start growing again.


Lotto focusses on 'real' winners. We address the real wants and needs of people playing the lottery. It's not about clichés like buying yachts and sport cars. It's about being able to spend more time with family, about being able to do work you really care for, about living the life you've always wanted. This led to our Guiding Idea: 'Laat je lot niet liggen.' (Take your destiny in your own hands.) That's the real richness that enhances the lives of Lotto winners.


Results coming soon.

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