ASN Bank

The Challenge

After launching our Guiding Idea for ASN Bank ‘That’s how money can create happiness’ (Zo maakt geld gelukkig), it was time for the next phase in this campaign: make people aware of their habitual behaviour, and how it can stand in the way of sustainable progress. By breaking with these habits, money can create happiness.


To bring habitual behaviour to life, we created the Creature of Habit (Het Gewoontedier) and his encounters with the Money badger (Stropdas). For online and TV we made a short tale, a mix between live action and animation. And at some point the Creature of Habit realises that sometimes you need to make a change to keep the world as it is. Why not change to sustainable bank? That way money can create happiness. In other media, radio and Facebook, we feature other creatures that are stuck in their behaviour.


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