The Challenge

dance4life, a Dutch non-profit organization that works towards an AIDS-free world, is coping with the fact that AIDS has become a fairly remote issue for average western teenagers. Yet the number of AIDS-related deaths amongst youngsters in Africa has increased by 50% the recent years. How do you make this topic top-of-mind again for youngsters in The Netherlands?

The Idea

Our Guiding Idea was to bring these abstract numbers to life for uninterested teenagers and young adults by comparing the AIDS-related figures of 14 South African cities with 14 Dutch cities with the same name. In those cities we circulated these facts with very local campaigns as if it was their own city. This helped us break through their walls of indifference and generated a lot of free publicity.


  • dance 4 Life Amsterdam


Brand recognition within our target group increased, from 62% to 74%. Outside our target group recognition stabilised, while in other years it dropped immediately following the campaign. And the proposition recognition within the target audience increased from 33% to 51%.

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