How to sell chairs with tea


Everybody is busy. We all have a need for relaxation from time to time. But a relaxation chair, that’s something many people are not ready for. Obviously, for those people visiting a Prominent store is a bridge too far. That’s the reason why we created a series of special tea, named ‘Pfff…’ Tea is very popular nowadays, especially amongst women (our main target audience) and a perfect way to relieve stress. ‘Pfff…’ is herbal tea and available in six different flavours with appealing names like ‘Pfff…can’t feel my feet anymore’ or ‘Pfff…what a week’ As soon as you open the design package, the box transforms into a little relaxation chair. Inside you find tea bags of course, but also a mini brochure showing the new Prominent chair collection in surprisingly modern settings. ‘Pfff…’ tea is handed out on big consumer events like De Huishoudbeurs, VT Wonen & Design Beurs and De Libele Zomerweken. Besides that, you can find ‘Pfff…’ tea in various wellness centres and in the 50 Prominent showrooms.


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