Verder met financieren

The Challenge

Nowadays, most entrepreneurs expect banks to have a unforthcoming attitude towards financing their business, while, despite the financial crisis; entrepreneurs want to grow again. How do we show that ABN AMRO is on the same page?


‘De Bank anno nu’ as a guiding principle led to a striking visual translation of ‘Financieren anno nu’. This way ABN AMRO shows that they know how financing works in today’s world. We demonstrated this on a special campaign platform. The platform made the process of funding businesses clear and transparent, gave practical advice about making the process as efficient as possible, and provided suggestions of peers.


The campaign, and especially the platform, was very well received with our main target group: entrepreneurs. Thereby strongly increasing the numbers of meetings about financing. In fact, entrepreneurs are once again approaching ABN AMRO, as they now genuinely believe the bank is open to new and different opportunities.

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