We won a Golden Loeki!

Great news! Selmore and the Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation have won the Golden Loeki 2014. The price, awarded to a single commercial and voted for by the Dutch audience, was rewarded to ‘Buddyhond’. The film was disinterestedly created with collaboration between Selmore, Caviar and The Ambassadors. The work is atypical for winning the Golden Loeki: we see a war veteran relive a part of his – lifelike – battle experiences, after which his veteran dog wakes him up. Partly because of the award the work reached throughout the whole world: at this very moment, we’ve reached over 5 million views, just on YouTube.

About Selmore

Selmore is an independently owned creative agency based in Amsterdam. Founded and managed by people who all come from big agencies, our independent status and manageable size gives us a lot of agility. We operate as a small big agency. We believe in Guiding Ideas, ideas that give clear direction to the client's campaigns and business.