New faces at Selmore

Sjoerd Verbrugge, Art Director 
I’m Sjoerd, a creative hailing from Zeeland. Since I was little I enjoyed drawing so much that I turned every class at school into an art class. I also drew cartoons for my local soccer club in exchange for broodjes kroket. It was only logical that my next step would be to follow a classic art study in Antwerp. I then went to the Willem De Kooning Academy where I studied advertising. In the years that followed I worked for several agencies including XXS, Saatchi & Saatchi, Roorda and True.

Besides my work as an Art Director I also paint and run my own beer brewery together with a friend of mine. The brewery is called De Vrije Vogel and all of our beers are named after birds. We have the Kierewiet and the Tureluurs, these two are already available on tap at the Stadsbrouwerij in Leiden (you should try them!) and for the future we have the Koekoek and Schijtlijster (0%) planned. All in all, lots of fun projects but for now it’s time to work on exciting new projects at Selmore together with my creative partner in crime Raphael.


Tom Stoffels, Account Director
After starting as a communication consultant for governments in The Hague I moved to Amsterdam. There I worked at Square Melon, developing brand activations, mostly for Coca-Cola. Before joining Selmore I worked at FHV BBDO, responsible for accounts such as SNS, Mars and the Johan Cruyff Foundation.

I’m a big fan of Amsterdam. So in my free time I try to enjoy the city as much as possible. Most of the time this includes food and beverages: think restaurants, bars, De Kweker, Ton Overmars. Recently I started my own whiskey collection and to compensate all that you can often find me doing sports.


Raphael Kamp, Copywriter
My first steps into advertising started when I was still a ‘wee lad’. I went for a walk with my dad when we passed a FEBO (dutch fast food chain). On a big neon lit sign it said: FEBO. De lekkerste, which roughly translated it means FEBO tastes best. I found this odd and asked my dad: ‘Dad, from all the fast food chains in the world how does FEBO know that they taste best?’ ‘That’s called advertising’ my dad replied. At the time I didn’t understand his answer but it always stayed with me.

Now, years later, I work as a creative in advertising. So far I’ve had the pleasure of working for several agencies, both freelance and full-time. Agencies like DDB & Tribal, Code d’Azur, GREY and NEEW. When not at work I enjoy creating videos for my YouTube channel, devouring comics or writing my own scripts and short stories. And now I’m ready to, together with my creative partner in crime Sjoerd, start my adventure at Selmore!


About Selmore

Selmore is an independently owned creative agency based in Amsterdam. Founded and managed by people who all come from big agencies, our independent status and manageable size gives us a lot of agility. We operate as a small big agency. We believe in Guiding Ideas, ideas that give clear direction to the client's campaigns and business.