New at the coffee machine: Hannah & Sam

We are Sam and Hannah, both born and bred in Haarlem. Yet, we met in Eindhoven, of all places. Down South, we figured that a shared hometown might just be enough common ground to hit it off. And hit it off we did. A few months later, we started as interns together at TBWA\Neboko. That was followed by a brief but fruitful time at the Miami Ad School in Berlin, as afterwards we returned to TBWA for another run of nearly two years. Following which, we knocked out a few lines to introduce ourselves at our new agency, Selmore. This is the result.

About Selmore

Selmore is an independently owned creative agency based in Amsterdam. Founded and managed by people who all come from big agencies, our independent status and manageable size gives us a lot of agility. We operate as a small big agency. We believe in Guiding Ideas, ideas that give clear direction to the client's campaigns and business.