Meet our new Selmorians

You have probably already met Sam & Hannah and Ruben & Mats; our new creative teams.

They’ve been working at Selmore for a few months now and are already popping out their first creative work.

Speaking of creative work, more and more we receive requests from clients to develop Guiding Design on top of a Guiding Idea. That’s why we decided to expand the creative department further with two Adobe-savvy designers.

Meet Ivo. He travelled from Ouderkerk via Melbourne to Amsterdam. As a freelance visual designer he worked at several agencies, but – so he says – fell in love with Selmore. Well Ivo, it was mutual. He can Photoshop almost anything.

Then there is Simone. She made her way from a mountain in Austria to Vandenberg Communications where she designed books and other graphic artwork. Besides spending time at Selmore, she studies photography at the FotoAkademie in Amsterdam.

To make sure our Guiding Ideas guide in the right direction we hired Jeroen. He is a curious strategy planner who worked at FHV/BBDO and Isobar on different communication issues. He has some serious digital skills. If you are stuck in today’s complicated media landscape, don’t hesitate to give him a call.

That leaves the one with the broken leg. Although it may not look like it, Sandra makes sure everything runs very smoothly around here. She has more than 25 years of experience as a producer, art buyer, project manager and traffic manager. And now chose to be our new operations manager.

We are lucky to welcome all these wonderful talented people as our colleagues!

About Selmore

Selmore is an independently owned creative agency based in Amsterdam. Founded and managed by people who all come from big agencies, our independent status and manageable size gives us a lot of agility. We operate as a small big agency. We believe in Guiding Ideas, ideas that give clear direction to the client's campaigns and business.