Het lot van Kjeld

In 2017, we developed a Guiding Idea for Lotto with the theme ‘Laat je lot niet liggen’ (Take your destiny in your own hands). The good thing about a Guiding Idea is that it not only helps you direct your advertising, but also other brand expressions in this case sponsoring.

Lotto is official sponsor of the Dutch speed skating team. In anticipation of the Winter Olympic Games 2018, we created two very personal documentaries around the famous Dutch ice skaters, Sven Kramer and Kjeld Nuis, both world champions, world record holders and now… both reigning Olympic champions. Congratulations!

Watch Kjeld’s documentary¬†here.

Watch Sven’s documentary¬†here.



About Selmore

Selmore is an independently owned creative agency based in Amsterdam. Founded and managed by people who all come from big agencies, our independent status and manageable size gives us a lot of agility. We operate as a small big agency. We believe in Guiding Ideas, ideas that give clear direction to the client's campaigns and business.